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What is Design System and why is it worth investing in?

Co to jest Design System?

Design System is a set of guidelines and rules for the creation and operation of digital solutions (e.g. used on websites). It describes the visual framework and the operation of individual interface elements, defining the direction of development but also limitations that help maintain consistency and a uniform appearance of the website, application or online store.

Investing in a Design System on your website has many benefits, including:

  • Design efficiency - Having a set of ready-made components and design rules speeds up the process of designing new subpages or functions. Designers and developers don't have to reinvent the wheel every time, which can save a lot of time and resources.
  • Easier scalability - The design system makes it easier and faster to expand the website. Thanks to defined interface elements, flexible components and guidelines, you can easily build new sections, pages or functions while maintaining the visual consistency of the interface.
  • Increase user engagement - Thoughtful design is key to increasing user engagement. The design system can incorporate best practices regarding navigation, readability and interaction, which translates into better user experiences.
  • Reducing the risk of making mistakes - Design system is a tool that facilitates cooperation between different members of the design team. Designers, developers and testers can use the same resources, which minimizes the risk of errors and misunderstandings.
  • Visual consistency - The design system helps maintain a consistent look and feel across the entire website. This means that all elements such as colors, fonts, icons and components are consistent with each other. This makes it easier for users to find their way around the website, learn how to use the system faster, and the entire website looks professional.
  • Time and cost savings - Although the initial outlay on creating the system design may be significant, it will bring time and cost savings in the long run, especially when we plan to further develop the website/store after its implementation.

When is it worth building your own design system?

If you run a website, store or application that you plan to develop, e.g. by adding additional subpages, introducing new types of content or new functionalities, it is worth arming yourself with a properly designed Design System before the work. By using a library of ready-made elements as well as rules and guidelines, the team of designers and programmers will carry out the work much faster, and the final effect will be consistent with the current operation and appearance of the website.


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