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1/ New Website Technology

What are Headless and PWA websites?

Websites built with Headless architecture involve separating the user interface (frontend) from administrative functions and internal resources (backend). Both layers are independent of each other, and communication between them is done through APIs.

PWA (Progressive Web Application) is a progressive web app, launched just like a regular website. It combines the benefits of traditional websites, such as flexibility and modifiability, with the features of native applications, such as fast performance and offline functionality.

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2/ Benefits of Headless and PWA

What are the benefits for your company?

  • Ultra-fast loading times

    Incredible speed that will make you forget about waiting for the page to load. The average loading time can drop below 1 second, significantly enhancing user comfort and engagement.

  • Highest security

    The separation of layers means that the user has minimal contact with the internal system, which is why Headless provides higher security than standard websites in the event of hacker attacks.

  • Economy

    In a Headless architecture, we reduce server infrastructure costs by generating the visual part of the website only upon request.

  • Unlimited scalability

    The nature of Headless website construction ensures that expanding the site and its reach does not affect the service's performance.

3/ Headless WordPress CMS

We create Headless websites based on WordPress CMS

You don't need to learn a new system; you can edit all the content on the website using the familiar WordPress CMS. We combine new technology with a popular and user-friendly content management system.

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4/ Take it to the next level

Who is this offer for?

Headless and PWA websites are particularly valuable for technology companies and those operating in Research and Development (R&D). This is because of the specific nature of these sectors and their exposure to potential external threats. With the right approach, the adoption of new web technologies will have a positive impact on, among other things:

Reducing the risk of internal sensitive data loss
Improving website accessibility even with a weak connection or in offline mode
Independence of work between frontend and backend teams on the website
Enhancing performance and efficiency, even for highly complex websites
Easy integration with internal systems using modern tools and libraries.
Consistent performance across various devices, especially mobile

5/ We have developed websites using a headless architecture

Our Headless and PWA Projects

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5G Made Together - Headless website for an international technology conference

5G Made Together is an association and conference held several times a year, addressing topics related to digital transformation, technology, cybersecurity, business, and science.

Case study image

IS-Wireless - Headless website for a Polish 5G network solutions provider

It is a modern website built on the WordPress CMS platform, developed with a headless architecture for maximum performance and security

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