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1/ What is UX/UI design?

We design to make using websites simple, fast, and enjoyable

UX/UI design is a way of designing, among others websites, which requires close collaboration between the design team, developers, users and the business. It involves many activities in the area of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), on the way to creating websites that not only look great but are also easy to use, engage users and effective in achieving business goals.

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2/ Designing websites and e-commerce

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We love challenges and problem solving, we specialize in designing interfaces for the Internet, focusing not only on appearance but also on practical use and functionality. We would love to design:

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3/ Why is UX important?

What are the benefits of UX/UI design?

The appearance and functionality of your website are crucial - within the first few seconds of visiting a website, users decide whether they will stay there. Thanks to UX/UI you will influence

  • The increase in customer engagement

    among others thanks to the refined information architecture and visual layer users will be inclined to come back to your website and stay longer

  • Achieving business goals

    regardless of whether you sell products or run a website, a properly designed interface will help you achieve the goals you set for your website.

  • ROI increase

    thanks to intuitive handling and appropriate navigation paths, user can easily finds the information he needs and you increase the chances of selling your product or service

  • Reducing development costs

    extensive knowledge of technology allows you to design the interface taking into account its limitations, while maintaining the functionality and ease of use of the website

  • Improving the brand image

    building an attractive appearance based on existing visual identification will make your website remembered for longer and associated only with your company

4/ UX/UI design process

What does the
UX/UI design process look like?

Designing website interfaces may seem complicated, when you contract us to design your website you can expect us to follow an iterative process:

01. Workshops

Discovery phase, i.e. collecting requirements - in the first step, we invite you to an conversation during which we get to know all the requirements of the project, your company and users of the future website, store or application.

02. Assumption analysis

Analysis of the received information - during this stage we organize the received data. We analyze the provided requirements and ideas, then begin work designing user persona, site map and user flow, among other things.

03. Prototype design

Creating a product concept - in the next step, we design the information architecture, sketch the first views, ending with UX mockups (prototype/site skeleton).

04. Verification / testing

At this stage, we check if the prototype fulfills the goals and requirements and whether it fits the user’s needs, then we make fixes and verify it again.

05. Interface design

Based on the accepted prototype, we design the graphic design of the website/store relying on the visual branding and current trends.

06. Implementation and development

After passing the design process, it’s time for implementation and product development - at this stage we implement the best developed solution in order to further improve it, while confronting the market.

5/ Complex UX/UI design

What do we deliver as part of the UX/UI project?

  • Customer Journey

    Defines the emotions experienced by users while interacting with the interface. Thanks to proper use, we can identify areas requiring improvement on our website, store or application.

  • User journey map

    This is a diagram defining the path that user must follow on the website in order to complete a task e.g. purchasing a product in an online store

  • Design system

    This is a collection of guidelines and standard elements (e.g. different versions of buttons, windows and components) that can be used when designing new subpages in the future.

  • Information architecture

    Information architecture is responsible for organizing and dividing the content on the website to facilitate the user's search for the necessary materials.

  • Functional UX prototype

    It is a graphical presentation of the arrangement elements on a page, that allows to determine the function, type of content (including graphics, heading, paragraph or button) and the way the user interacts with the page.

  • UI design

    It is a visual presentation of the final appearance of the website, designed with emphasis on consistency with the company's visual identification, aesthetics and the nature of the business.

6/ Our latest projects

We are proud
of the projects we have completed.

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  • UX/UI
  • E-commerce
  • Support

Feeby - E-commerce for a Polish decoration manufacturer built using PrestaShop and Tailwind CSS

Feeby is a Polish decoration manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in the market. Our collaboration involves implementing and maintaining the store, as well as developing new functionalities.

Case study image
  • UX/UI
  • Development

5G Made Together - Headless website for an international technology conference

5G Made Together is an association and conference held several times a year, addressing topics related to digital transformation, technology, cybersecurity, business, and science.

Case study image
  • E-commerce
  • UX/UI

ORAVIO - E-commerce UX/UI design for the premium-grade sonic toothbrush manufacturer

Oravio is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality sonic toothbrushes. Our task was to design a user-friendly interface that highlights the key product features.

Case study image
  • Website
  • UX/UI

Proton Multimedia - Modern website for an IT services provider

Proton Multimedia provides IT services for home and business clients. Our task was to deliver a high-quality website that reduces the time needed for users to find services and make contact.

7/ Our clients

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