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Fast, modern,
and functional websites

We create beautifully designed websites, ensuring high performance, code quality, and security.

2/ We ensure the highest standards

Code quality, automation, security, and excellent UX.

We don't use templates or ready-made solutions. We implement websites from scratch, using only proven and modern technologies along with clear technological processes. This ensures the highest quality, performance, and security. From the UX/UI design of the website to backend/frontend development and post-launch support, you'll create with us:

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  • Accessibility and High Data Security

    Our responsibility is to provide and maintain a stable website that is resistant to unauthorized external factors and attack vectors. Data security is fundamental.

  • High code quality and website performance

    We only use necessary features and modules, ensure high code quality, and leverage new technological solutions to maximize website speed and performance.

  • Well-designed interface

    We base every project on client requirements and user needs. We design UX mockups and a unique UI design, ensuring an easy-to-use and visually appealing website.

  • CI/CD Automation

    Implementing CD solutions based on the GitHub platform and CI automation brings long-term benefits, including process optimization, enhanced transparency, and reduced website maintenance costs.

  • Scalability / Growth preparation

    The goal of doing business is to grow. We focus on long-term benefits by implementing, such as modern architecture and a system suitable for further expansion.

What do we absolutely have in mind?

  • Refining the site on mobile devices

    Responsiveness is a must-have, and we prioritize it - the Mobile-First approach allows us to ensure the best performance on smartphones and more.

  • Optimization and SEO friendliness

    Adapting the website for search engines is a necessity; we equip each of our websites with the necessary features and optimize code and performance in accordance with SEO requirements.

  • Consistency with the company's visual identity

    In addition to taking care of technical and UX aspects, the website must harmonize with all the visual elements of your company. Only in this way will it perform its job at 100%.

3/ Drupal & Wordpress Websites

We use the best technologies

We create websites using only proven solutions such as Drupal and Wordpress CMS, combining them with modern technologies and tools to ensure reliable performance for years.

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4/ Stages of Website Development

We approach website development in stages

Creating a modern website requires a wide range of technical knowledge and user-centric design, as well as a well-established process that ensures the achievement of goals without time delays and within the agreed budget.

  • 01. Requirements analysis
  • 02. UX/UI Design
  • 03. Development
  • 04. QA & publishing
  • 05. Maintenance & growth
Requirements analysis

This is the first step we need to take in order to create a website. During our initial conversation, we thoroughly understand your needs and project requirements.

During this stage:

  • We run video workshops
  • We select the best technology and solutions tailored to your project
  • We prepare a cost estimate, which includes a detailed implementation method and technology stack
  • We determine the project duration and delivery deadlines

After the cost estimate, proposed solutions, and deadlines are approved, we sign a cooperation agreement and move on to implementation.

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UX/UI Design

During this stage, we work on the appearance of the website. We start by analyzing the habits of the target audience (your customers) and the market environment - all to ensure that users can easily navigate the new site. Then, we create mood boards (inspiration boards), outline user flows, design UX layouts, and finish with the final look of your website.

During this stage:

  • You will have insight into every stage of the design work and direct contact with an experienced UX/UI designer.
  • You will approve each stage of your website project - from moodboards to the final look.

Once the final look is approved, the project is ready for the programming stage

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After approving the interface design, we begin work on the comprehensive implementation of the website in the selected technology. We work from the configuration of the technical infrastructure, through the installation of the required tools to the programming of the site.

During this stage:

  • You will have a live preview of the site in the development environment, which will give you full control over the project
  • We will configure the technical infrastructure needed for the efficient operation of the website
  • We will develop the website with all the required features and integrations e.g. GA4.

Once the programming stage is complete, we submit the website for QA.

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QA & Publishing

In this stage, we thoroughly check the performance of the website. We perform tests on multiple devices and screen resolutions (from the smallest smartphones to FHD displays), all to make sure that everything works as expected. After passing the internal tests, we pass the website to the client for verification - this is the moment to refine the design and make any comments before publication.

During this stage:

  • We check the performance of each function, the performance of the site, infrastructure configurations and the display of the site on multiple devices
  • We forward the site to the client for review, make any corrections to prepare the site for publication.

After receiving the green light for publication from the client, we will kick off!

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Maintenance & growth

Publication of the site is often only the beginning, and during the use of the site there are ideas for new features, tabs or improvements - at this point we can also not forget about necessary updates or monitoring of performance, security or stability of work.

As part of our support service, we handle the following work:

  • Update the environment (system) as part of maintenance
  • Monitoring the security and speed of the site
  • Design and development of the website
  • Designing and implementing new functionalities and dedicated modules
  • Responding to potential failures

Once the scope of support is agreed we begin a long-term relationship

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5/ Our website projects

We are proud of the projects we've completed

Explore more projects
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Delta HR - Implementation of a website based on CMS WordPress along with the expansion of new functionalities

Delta HR is a company specializing in finding job offers in the German market for professional drivers. As part of the conducted activities, we migrated the existing website to CMS WordPress and expanded it with a job search filter.

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IS-Wireless - Headless website for a Polish 5G network solutions provider

It is a modern website built on the WordPress CMS platform, developed with a headless architecture for maximum performance and security

Case study image

Proton Multimedia - Modern website for an IT services provider

Proton Multimedia provides IT services for home and business clients. Our task was to deliver a high-quality website that reduces the time needed for users to find services and make contact.

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